DJ Tomas Tuno

    Born in Orihuela (Alicante,Spain) - an Engineer of Telecommunications specializing in Acoustics, Image and Sound. At present he lives in Krakow, Poland. Since his childhood he had contact with music. By the age of 9 he began learning the guitar. Currently he can play more than 10 different instruments including: Laud Cubano,  Guitar, Bandurria, Timple, Cuatro Venezolano, Conga, bongo and more.

    During summer of 2003 he was resident DJ in club Arche (Torrevieja, Spain). Following years till 2008 he spent all summers working as a Sound technician for concerts. In 2010 he arrived in Krakow and started to play commercial music at several clubs in the city. In this city he discovered the world of salsa and began to dance salsa here. Eventually he began to mix his two hobbies - salsa and DJ stuff. Since then he is a sound technician and a DJ on salsa's festivals and concerts of Cuban timba stars.