Competition Rueda de Casino

Competition „RUEDA DE CASINO”

§ 1 Description of the competition
* Competition „Rueda de Casino” will take place during the Festival Cubano, namely between 30th April and 3rd May 2015 in Bielsko-Biała. Information regarding course, place and time of particular stages of the competition will be announced in the Festival’s programme.

* Main price for the winning rueda team is a Festival Cubano Cup and a price of 1500€.

* For the teams that will be placed at the further places attractive material prizes are foreseen. Number of prizes will depend on the total number of participating teams and on the decision of Organiser.

§ 2 Participants

* Competition is foreseen for participants form Poland and from abroad.

* One team must consist of minimum 4 and maximum 10 couples.

* Participant of the competition must be at least 16 years of age at the day of the performance. Participants between 16 and 18 years old are obliged to provide to the Organiser declaration of legal guardians of their consent for participation in the competition.

§ 3 Registrations

* Particular teams will register via e-mail ( - by one person – leader of the group that will be responsible for all contacts with the Organiser  regarding  competition. Leader of the group will send personal data of all members of the group (name, surname, mail, phone).

 * At the registration team submits the stage name, under which team will perform and provides name of represented school/club or/and  name of the city and nationality.

* Total number of registered participants can be higher than a maximum number of persons performing in rueda since at the particular stages of the competition it is allowed that different persons perform. Maximum of the amount of the reserve participants is: for the team consisting of 4-6 couples – 2 people, more than 6 couples – 4 people.

* Particular participant can be a member of only one team.

§ 4 Charges / Entry fee

* Each participant of the competition (also registered as reserve) will cover the entry fee of 12€ (50PLN) that will also be accounted for the entrance fee for the evening party of the Festival Cubano at the day of the competition’s final. Fee should be paid up to 7 days after the registration as one bank transfer for the whole team to the account of the Organiser.

* The entry fee is not refundable in case of cancellation of participation in the competition.

* Exempted from the registration fee are all holders of Festival Cubano Fullpass or Party Pass. Exemption from the registration fee does not apply to Fullpass for beginner.

* Holders of a Fullpas that will take part in the competition will additionally acquire the right to participate in the Festival’s MASTER CLASS „RUEDA” – at least 6h!

* Registrations of teams are accepted till 31st March 2015. In case of registration of 3 or less teams Organiser might decide to cancel the competition.

§ 5 The course of Competition

* Competition depending on number of registered teams will consist of 2 or 3 stages.

* Order of the performances will be determined at the place of the competition by lottery for about 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the competition.

- ELIMINATIONS – each team will dance to two tracks, one with slower and second with faster music – selected by the DJ, in total for 4-5 minutes. Performances of the competition will take place at the public places like city square, shopping mall, stage in a public place, etc.

In case of unfavourable weather Organiser will indicate another place for the competition.

- SEMI-FINALS – based on the level and number of teams participating in the eliminations Organisers will determine if the semi-finals are organised. Semi-finals will take place directly after the eliminations.

During the semi-finals and the final teams will dance once to the music randomly selected from the list prepared by the DJ. List of approximately 20 tracks will be announced on the webpage of the Festival one day prior to the competition. Length of the tracks: 3,5- 5 minutes.

- FINAL will take place on the following evening party.

3-4 teams that qualify to the finals will be selected in the eliminations or the semi-final.

§ 6 Assessment criteria and points.

* Competition at each stage will be judged by the jury of at least 7 people, including Cuban artist of the Festival. Composition of the jury will be presented at least 7 days prior to the inauguration of the competition.

* Organizer has the right to change members of the jury in the case of illness or other circumstances that cannot be foreseen and replace her/him with another judge of the same rank.

* Course of the competition, work of judges and returning committee will be supervised by a legal adviser or other person of public trust.

* At every stage particular attention will be given to the playful character of the rueda and for the interaction between cantador and other dancers.

* Additionally before each performance personal constitution of pairs and order of pairs in the rueda will be set by random.

* It is not allowed that elements of show and lifts will dominate the performance, moreover total time of choreography different than circular (rueda) cannot exceed 1 minute of the performance.

* Using props prohibited.


Judging in eliminations and semi-finals will be classified. The teams will be judged by two criteria. Each judge will award each team from 1 to 10 points. in each of the criteria ("1" - the worst rating, "10" - the best) for a total of 2 - 20 points per judge.

- Criterion 1: the difficulty of the figures, musicality, rhythm, dance technique, body movement, etc;

- Criterion 2: artistic impression (pure Cuban style, stage style, choreography figures, costumes, etc.);

* A total score is calculated as follows: the highest and the lowest score of judges are discarded and then the remaining scores of judges are summed up.

* In the semi-finals also points from elimination are added up.

* In case of equal number of points for two or more teams the winning team will be determined by a simple majority of votes in an open vote by all the judges (vote by show of hands).


* Open judging with scoring from 1 to 5, the same rules and criteria apply as in the earlier stages (total score from one judge is 2-10 points), judges will publicly present the scores for particular teams. 

* In the finals all points from previous stages of the content will be accounted.

* Announcement of results and awards ceremony will take place up to 60 minutes after the finalisation of the competition. During this period leaders of the teams have opportunity to submit to the Chairman of the Jury any objections regarding  course of the competition.

§ 7 Final resolutions

Participant by joining the competition is voluntarily accepting the provisions of this Regulations of Competition „RUEDA DE CASINO” and Regulations of the Festival Cubano.