20/04/2015 - 02:02
Attention! We’re running out of the recommended accomodation places in cheaper prices! Last rooms can be booked only aft... more
DJ Juanky
18/04/2015 - 15:58
Juan Carlos Hechavarria has joined the team of DJs. He is the voice of Jose Torres's team, known and respected DJ i... more
Jose Torres y Salsa Tropical
15/04/2015 - 02:31
At VI. Festival Cubano we will announce a one of a kind concert event and jubilee of the first salsa band in Poland, JOS... more
29/01/2015 - 17:22
This man needs no introduction. He played during FC two years ago, he is recognized to the participants of salsa parties... more
Before FC Belgrade
01/08/2014 - 02:32
We start the festival promotion! Before Party in Belgrad - great place. Cuban salsa is here on the highest level! We inv... more
22/07/2014 - 14:05
Javier La Rosa called ,,La maquina de Cuba" for the first time on Festival Cubano! He is well-known to participants... more