I FC - Kraków 2010

Time: 30 April - 3 May 2010

Place: Kraków

Artists: 22

(DJ Berna Jam, Yanek Revilla, Karelia Despaigne Zhuk, Leo Diaz Soler, Yunaisy Farray, Alexander Carbo, Ariel Rios Robert, Israel Gutierrez, Michela Musciola, Jose Torres, Izabela Torres, Hector Del Rio Torres, Jean Pierre Nguele, Daniel Pancerz, Edyta Lanc, Jerzy Sałamun, Casino.com: Zudian Janet Durruthy, Davelines Argola Alvarez, Rafael Revilla Romero, Jonar Gonzales Romero, Erar Salas Romero, jorge Olides Del Rio Martinez).

Concerts: 5

(Tirso Duarte, Son d'El Indio, Pedrito Calvo Jr & Leo-D, Jose Torres y Salsa Tropical, Calle Real).

Workshops: 50

Organizer: Salsa-Bielsko


   Festival began with a thursday festival preparty at Fantasy Park in Plaza Gallery. On Friday the official opening party was held at Rotunda, where artists and DJ where presented. Two bands performed at that party: Tirso Duarte and Son d'el Indio. On Saturday we had workshop held on five training rooms and night party with mini-shows and Pedrito Calvo Junior & Leo-D band performance, promoting it's new recording during the tournee: "Fuego pa' mover los pies". On Sunday similarly as on saturday we had plenty of workshops and during the night party artists made their best performances. On Monday, being the last festival day, workshops were shorter but the closing party was exceptionaly interesting - aside of mini-shows we had two bands performing: Jose Torres y Salsa Tropical and Calle Real.

More festival info in Anna Bodziona's Article.