Regulations' Rules

Regulations' Rules of the Festival Cubano


  1. Participation in Festival Cubano is equal to participants' agreement to Regulations' Rules and obligation to respect these rules.
  2. Underaged people can participate in the Festival only with written permission of their parents.
  3. Participants that sign in for the workshops during the Festival must be aware of their health status and physical condition, and participate in workshops at their own risk.
  4. Festival Organization does not take any responsibility for damage or loss of any valuable items.
  5. Through participation in parties, workshops, artistic performances or any other events organized by Festival Organization all participants automatically agree for publications of any media containing their visual image (photographs, Videos, etc.).


  1. Purchasing Master Pass, Combo Pass, Fullpass, Fullpass for Beginners, Daypass or Party Pass (named tickets from this point on) is a necessary condition to participate in any and/or all (depending on the ticket type) parties and/or workshops. Ticket will be in the form of a special hand-bracelet that should be worn during all the events during the Festival.
  2. All tickets are name dependant. Data given previously in the ticket-form will be required - it is valid in the case of tickets bought during the festival. One person may buy only one ticket.
  3. Certain ticket grants only participation in events for which it is valid (e.g. party pass only for the parties).
  4. In the case of renouncement or demission of already bought ticket before 31th March 2014, only 50% of it's money value will be returned or there is a possibility to move/sell it to another person - Festival Organization should be informed about that by receiving an e-mail at containing necessary data of the "new" participant. Between 1th and 24th April there is no money return but there is a possibility for substitution similarly as above but at the cost of 150 PLN (additionally money transfer confirmation and necessary data of the "new" participant should be sent in the e-mail). From 25th April there will be no possibility for a cash return for a purchased pass or substitution of pass owners.
  5. In case of renouncement or demission of already bought ticket in a group price - group leader should be informed about that.
  6. Festival Organization will not send emails with confirmations of any money transfers (tickets, accommodation).
  7. Participants should have their personal ID (photograph required) and money transfer confirmation (doesn't apply to group tickets) while receiving their Ticket-hand-bracelet.
  8. Group discount only applies to Combo Pass, Fullpass and Fullpass for Beginners tickets.
  9. Money transfer for tickets should be made within 7 days from the time of reservation. In case of reservation during so-called "cheaper time periods" the time of reservation is equal to the date of money transfer. After 25th April tickets can be bought only in Festival Office.
  10. Reservation can be made through a form on the webpage, applying to the group leader or in Festival Office during the Festival, if there are any vacancies.
  11. Festival Organization reserves the rights for changes concerning instructors, timetables, etc. Such changes do not allow participants to apply for money return.


  1. In the range of workshops' site/building there is absolute prohibition of smoking or alcohol drinking. Participants influenced by alcohol or drugs are not allowed to participate in workshops.
  2. Entrance to the dancing floor is granted only with changed, clean dancing shoes that don't do any damage to the floor, or leave any traces.
  3. It's possible that participants breaking the regulations' rules or if their behavior will risk safety of other participants or building's equipment - will be asked to leave the dancing floor, especially during the workshops.
  4. Participants are obliged to respect Festival Organization's Employees and other participants.
  5. Workshops' participants are asked to respect the valuable items belonging to the building's equipment and obliged to compensate for any damage done by inappropriate behavior during  workshops. In case of underaged participants - the responsibility for damage done goes to their parents.
  6. Filming and taking any pictures during the workshops is forbidden. If instructors agree - it can be possible at the end of the lesson.